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10 000 API call/day


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259$ /month

Good to know

Explore our API with minimal risk! Choose any plan and enjoy a discounted price for your first month. After your introductory month, plans revert to standard pricing: Start at $39/month, Pro at $139/month, and Elite at $259/month. If our predefined packages don’t quite match your needs, no worries – reach out and we’ll craft a customized plan just for you, with a personalized quote to boot

Custom Plan

We do not cling to our own ideas; we leave room for your desires as well. If none of the Plans suit your preference, or you need something different, please get in touch with us. There is an opportunity for fewer/more API request options or to ensure access to only certain APIs. Whatever the case, describe your situation, and we will create a plan tailored to your requirements.