Point of Interest API

Find information about POIs, landmarks and other geographic locations

With the help of a Point of Interest API, we can obtain information about locations, such as user reviews, photos recommendations, and basic details, like opening hours or pricing category. 

About Point of Interest API

The Point of Interest API is a constantly updated tool that helps us give our users detailed information about various places and facilities easily. To use it, all we need to do is enter the name, address, or coordinates of a place to get more info about it. The API also lets us do a search in a specific area, like finding gyms within 500 meters or discovering the best-rated restaurant in the neighbourhood. 

It provides a bunch of useful details about a place, including its address, contact info, and opening hours, plus photos, reviews, and tips. It even shares extra handy info, like whether the place is wheelchair accessible, if dogs are allowed, if there are vegan options, or if card payments are accepted. By leveraging the Point of Interest API, developers have the ability to create applications that provide an exemplary user experience, seamlessly guiding users in finding services or locations that precisely meet their needs.

Point of Interest data

Location: address, coordinates

Contact info: email, telephone, website

Opening hours


Ratings and reviews


Additional information (peak hour, discounts, payment options, wheelchair accessibility, diet options…)

PoI categories

  • Healthcare and Wellness
  • Travel and Transportation
  • Culinary and Drinking
  • Landmarks and Nature
  • Professional and Business Services
  • Local Government and Community
  • Shopping and Retail
  • Culture and Entertainment
  • Athletic and Leisure Activities
  • Emergency Services


Key Features

Steps to get points of interest data





First thing you need is a unique API key. Choose one from one of our pricing plans and get an email instantly with your API key. 

To authenticate and gain access to the Point of Interest API, all you need to do is attach your key to the base endpoint URL. 


Use parameters to find the location data you want. You can filter by name of Poi, location, distance, category and and based on numerous descriptors, like: dog-friendly, accessible with wheelchair, free parking..

Enjoy the data!

  "poi_id": "12345",
  "name": "Happy Vegan Bistro",
  "address": {
    "street": "123 Health St",
    "city": "Vegantown",
    "state": "VT",
    "zip": "12345",
    "country": "Exampleland"
  "contact": {
    "phone": "+1 123-456-7890",
    "email": "info@happyveganbistro.com",
    "website": "http://www.happyveganbistro.com"
  "coordinates": {
    "latitude": 45.6789,
    "longitude": -123.4567
  "details": {
    "opening_hours": {
      "monday": "09:00-21:00",
      "tuesday": "09:00-21:00",
      "wednesday": "09:00-21:00",
      "thursday": "09:00-21:00",
      "friday": "09:00-22:00",
      "saturday": "10:00-22:00",
      "sunday": "10:00-20:00"
    "is_wheelchair_accessible": true,
    "pet_friendly": false,
    "payment_options": {
      "credit_card": true,
      "cash": true,
      "mobile_pay": false
  "images": [
  "reviews": [
      "user": "HealthyEater123",
      "rating": 5,
      "comment": "Love their vegan burger!"
      "user": "VeganLoverXYZ",
      "rating": 4,
      "comment": "Tasty meals, but a bit pricey."
  "tags": [

Point of Interest API in practice

Travel Planning

Simplify users’ journey preparations by presenting them with top-rated hotels and attractions in proximity.

Location-Based Recommendations

 Boost user engagement in travel apps with personalized venue suggestions like prime restaurants, cafes, and bakeries.

Business Finder

Offer users a comprehensive local business directory, aiding them in finding quality personal care services such as hairdressers or masseuses.

Real Estate Search

Improve users’ property search experience by highlighting areas with optimal living conditions.

Outdoor Activities

Cater to adventure enthusiasts by showcasing close-by recreational venues.