Geosearch API

Address autocomplete API

An API that provides suggestions for locations/addresses based on the letters typed into the search bar of your map application

About Geosearch API

The GeoSearch API facilitates location searching by providing place suggestions from the database after each character entered, based on places starting with or containing the same letters. With each new character typed, the API initiates a new query to the database, which then delivers updated results based on the new information.

The tool is capable of interpreting not only consecutively entered characters but also offers recommendations for mistyped or omitted characters. The aforementioned capabilities are indispensable for every modern map-based application and any form requiring address entry.

Once the API receives the free-form entry, it not only suggests addresses but also converts the address into a standard format, this way ensures that all addresses in a database or system are consistent, which makes data management, analysis, and retrieval more efficient minimizes the risk of mistakes or inaccuracies.

User Input Initiation

A user starts typing an address, for instance “Freed”.

API Call

As the system detects the input, it immediately makes a call to the Autocomplete API with the characters entered so far.

API Response

The API responds with several potential address matches, such as:

  • Freedom Street, New York
  • Freedom Avenue, Los Angeles
  • Freedom Boulevard, Chicago
  • …..

User Selection

The user sees the suggested addresses and can select the appropriate one from the list.


After the user selects the desired address, the API converts it into a standard format, for example, “Freedom Street, Suite 100, New York, NY 10001”

Display Result

The system displays the standardized address to the user, ensuring consistency and accuracy of the data.

Key Features

Steps to get location autocomplete data





First thing you need is a unique API key. Choose one from one of our pricing plans and get an email instantly with your API key. 

To authenticate and gain access to the Geosearch API, all you need to do is attach your key to the base endpoint URL. 


Use parameters to find the location data you want. Use the “query”, “coordinates”, “radius”, “limit” parameter to filter the result. 


Enjoy the data!

  "suggestions": [
      "name": "New York, NY, USA",
      "type": "city",
      "latitude": 40.712776,
      "longitude": -74.005974,
      "region": "United States"
      "name": "Newark, NJ, USA",
      "type": "city",
      "latitude": 40.735657,
      "longitude": -74.172367,
      "region": "United States"

Use cases of Geosearch API

Effortless Location Finding

Enable users to smoothly find destinations, landmarks, or any geographical point, thereby enhancing navigation and exploration through your map services.

Streamlined Checkout Process

Facilitate a frictionless checkout experience by auto-suggesting addresses and locations in order forms, minimizing user effort and reducing cart abandonment.

Address Auto-Fill

Provide users with a simplified data entry experience by offering smart, accurate autofill options for address fields, ensuring accuracy and saving time.

Location Tagging

Enhance user engagement by enabling them to easily tag and share their locations, discover nearby points of interest, and check into locales, thereby fostering community interaction and content relevance.