Geocoding API

Address to coordinates, coordinates to address with one API

Position-lab API offers a simple and reliable solution for developers for both forward and reverse geocoding

Forward Gecoding API

Enter an address to retrieve its geocoordinates. You can provide the address in a structured manner or use free-form text with either full or partial details. The more comprehensive the address details, the greater the likelihood of a precise match.



Trafalgar Square, Westminster London, WC2N 5DN, United Kingdom

lat: 51.5080° N;  long: -0.1281° W

Reverse Gecoding API

It does the exact opposite of the forward geocoding API: convert geographic coordinates into human-readable addresses or place names.



lat: 51.5080° N;  long: -0.1281° W → 

Trafalgar Square, Westminster London, WC2N 5DN, United Kingdom 

Landmark Geocoding API

Retrieve geocoordinates for a recognized landmark, often referred to as landmark geocoding. Enter the name of a notable landmark to get its associated geocoordinates.



Eiffel Tower, Paris, France 

lat: 48.8588443° N N;  long: 2.2943506° E

Key Features

Steps to get location data





First thing you need is a unique API key. Choose one from one of our pricing plans and get an email instantly with your API key. 

To authenticate and gain access to the Geocoding API, all you need to do is attach your key to the base endpoint URL. 


Use the”address“,”coordinates” or “landmark” parameters to find the location data you want. 


Enjoy the data!

    "locationDetails": [
            "lat": 51.5074,
            "lon": -0.1278,
            "addressName": "10 Downing St",
            "category": "location",
            "buildingNo": "10",
            "streetName": "Downing St",
            "zipCode": "SW1A 2AA",
            "accuracy": 0.9,
            "city": "London",
            "stateCode": "LND",
            "district": null,
            "area": "Westminster",
            "nation": "United Kingdom",
            "isoCode": "GB",
            "formattedAddress": "10 Downing St, Westminster, London, LND, UK",
            "mapLink": "https://map.example.com/?lat=51.5074&lon=-0.1278",
            "countryDetails": {
                "lat": "54.3781",
                "lon": "-3.4360",
                "shortName": "UK",
                "fullName": "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland",
                "capitalCity": "London",
                "flagIcon": "🇬🇧",
                "totalArea": 242495,
                "isLandlocked": false,
                "isSovereign": true,
                "globalInfo": {
                    "twoCharCode": "GB",
                    "threeCharCode": "GBR",
                    "numericID": "826",
                    "continent": "Europe",
                    "subRegion": "Northern Europe",
                    "continentCode": "EU",
                    "subRegionCode": "154",
                    "worldArea": "EUR",
                    "continentFullName": "Europe",
                    "continentID": "EU"
                "phoneDetails": {
                    "dialCode": "44",
                    "domesticPrefix": "0",
                    "internationalPrefix": "00"
                "currency": [
                        "icon": "£",
                        "currencyCode": "GBP",
                        "currencyName": "Pound Sterling",
                        "currencyID": 826,
                        "fractionalUnit": 2
                "spokenLanguages": {
                    "eng": "English"
            "sunlightInfo": {
                "sunrise": {
                    "exactTime": 1575733924,
                    "astroTime": 1575728051,
                    "civilTime": 1575732092,
                "sunset": {
                    "exactTime": 1575767704,
                    "astroTime": 1575773576,
                    "civilTime": 1575769535,
                "highestPoint": 1575750814
            "timeDetails": {
                "zoneName": "Europe/London",
                "timeDifference": 0,
                "diffString": "+00:00"

Practical Application of the Geocoding API

Owing to its comprehensive global coverage and high precision, the Geocoding API stands as a game-changer tool for a myriad of businesses across various sectors. Wherever there’s a need to localize customers, transport vehicles, warehouses, or shops, the API helps organize movement and transport. It’s especially handy for courier companies, food delivery services, and taxi firms. By using accurate location data, businesses can save both time and money, making things run smoother and more efficiently.